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An intro to L20n

With L20n, we want to reinvent the way we're doing software localization. Users should be able to benefit from the entire expressive power of their languages.

Last weekend I had a chance to quickly hop on the stage of the Mozilla devroom at FOSDEM and demo l20n to the audience.

It was a really cool moment for me. I've been involved to some extent in the project from its early stages, but only recently have I started contributing code to it.

My talk was a quick introduction to how l20n will look like from the developer's and localizer's point of view, with a couple of examples. With all the work on HTML bindings that Gandalf's been recently doing, I was actually able to demo the examples running in the browser.

Check them out at

I've also created a short screencast that will walk you through the demo. It's only 14 minutes long.

I hope you'll enjoy l20n as much as I enjoy working on it!

Published on 08.02.2012

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