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Localization team work-week in Brussels

This week we're meeting once again to discuss current projects and challenges for localization at Mozilla face-to-face.

The localization team at Mozilla are meeting this week in Brussels for a week full of debates, co-work and conferences.

The last time that we had an opportunity to meet in person as a whole team was end of September 2011 in Berlin. With FOSDEM around the corner, we figured it would only be natural to come to Belgium to have our working session. It will also be a great opportunity to meet with other open-source enthusiasts over the weekend, as well as with other Mozilla contributors attending the conference.

The list of topics to cover includes l10n tools (Pike, Gandalf, Matjaz), Pontoon (Matjaz), progress on getting new locales ready for shipping (Pike, Milos, Arky), documentation writing (Jeff), l20n (Gandalf and me), the new portal (Pike and me), status of the engagement projects (Pascal, Milos and me). Chofmann is our referee, participating in all discussions with equal involvement.

As always, the etherpad does wonders to our productivity, with everyone editing it live as we move through the agenda.

We also project it on the projection screen, thus creating a common space for all to participate in.

There are also new topics which made it on the agenda this time: the localization of Boot2Gecko's Gaia UI, as well as an awesome brainstorming about etherpad-like localization authoring tools.

Finally, join us at FOSDEM for our talk Mozilla in your Language in 2012 on Sunday at 3.30 pm. See you there!

Published on 03.02.2012

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