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Bucket 1 Gaia apps are now string-frozen

B2G localization: The first batch of apps are now string frozen and ready to be localized.

Good news, everyone! The first string freeze for Gaia is now in effect.

Thanks for waiting patiently as we polished the final wording. Read on to find all the answers you might have about how to jump straight into the work.

Which apps are string-frozen?

This is the first string freeze (there will be a second one in October) and the list of apps that you can start working on (the "bucket 1") is as follows:

  • Apps

    • Browser
    • Camera
    • Clock
    • Communications/Contacts
    • Communications/Dialer
    • FM Radio
    • Gallery
    • Music
    • SMS
    • Video
  • System

    • Keyboard

See for details.

How many strings are there?

It's 366 strings, with a total of 868 words. Not so many :)

How much time do we have?

You have until October 26th to complete this batch.

Where are the files?

The files live in Mercurial in the special gaia-l10n hierarchy. One unusual change from the regular Firefox workflow is that the en-US files can also be found in gaia-l10n. Remember to clone via SSH, for instance:

hg clone ssh://

You can use compare-dirs (pip install compare-locales will get you compare-dirs, too) to see the stats.

Some locales will see some strings localized, taken from the git repository. If you're one of those locales, please review all the existing translations carefully.

This is important! If you worked on Gaia l10n before the string freeze, please make sure your translations are up-to-date. English strings may have changed!

What about the dashboard?

You can see the compare-locales output on your locale's team dashboard (the example I linked to is for Polish). (We'll make it look nicer.)

If you can't see Gaia in there, sign up on the community-gaia-list etherpad and we will hook your locale up.

Sign off when you're done and have tested your work.

How to test my localization?

Use a desktop build! See the quick & dirty instructions to get started. If they don't work for you, email me or talk to me on IRC. With your help, I can make this HOWTO much more robust and accurate.

You might also want to check out my two blog posts: Running Boot to Gecko on your desktop and How to test localizability of Gaia system apps.

Going beyond Bucket 1

What else is in store? There will be a second string freeze, expect updates on the schedule. And we'll also soon start the localization of the Gecko part of Firefox OS, taken from mozilla-aurora. Think netError.dtd, global.dtd, etc. Most of that already exists in mobile/ so I don't think there will be a lot of work there.

I'll also post about the nightly builds once we start makig them.


Impossible, I thought I covered everything! :)

Please do ask questions in the thread or on IRC. This process is an interesting mix of old and new. There might be hiccups along the way, but my goal is to make it as smooth as possible. I'll appreciate your feedback and ideas!

Published on 28.09.2012

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