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Pushing the B2G string freeze back a few weeks

B2G localization: the string freeze will happen in a few weeks. There isn't a new date set as of today, but you can still start working on a few other related things.

If you followed my recent announcements on this blog and in the newsgroup, you were probably expecting a string freeze for B2G, a.k.a. Firefox OS, this Friday, July 27th.

The string freeze didn't happen and we are pushing the localization schedule for B2G back a few weeks. I don't expect the localization to start by the end of August.

What is the new localization schedule?

The exact schedule is yet to be determined. I hope to have more details in a week or two, so please do follow the newsgroup and expect more posts coming soon.

Is this a good thing?

Yes :) Having more time is obviously beneficial in many respects:

  • fewer bugs in the code!
  • more testing that will go into the final release,
  • the main localization phase will not happen in August, which traditionally is a holiday month in many regions,
  • there's a MozCamp happening in September, so we'll have a chance to talk about the localizability and the localization process during it,
  • it will be easier to synchronize the localization of Gaia with the localization of Gecko 17 on which B2G will be based (17 goes to aurora on August 27).

Can the localizers work on something else today?

Meanwhile, there still are a few other things that you can do today to help B2G and Gaia be ready for localization.

Review the wireframes of Gaia apps.

Read more in this thread on

Test desktop builds and file bugs

I blogged about the desktop builds a week ago.

Localize Mozilla Marketplace

The Marketplace will be an important part of the Firefox OS experience. Watch out for Wil Clouser's emails to the list about the AMO localization to learn more.

Localize Mozilla Persona

Mozilla Persona (previously: BrowserID) will, again, be an important identity-management piece of Firefox OS and the Marketplace. See Matjaž Horvat's emails to the list about Persona localization.


I started a thread in the newsgroup about this change to the schedule. Please post your thoughts and ask questions there.

Published on 28.07.2012

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