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Bulgarian (bg), Marathi (mr) and Occitan (oc) move out of beta in 3.0.9

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Great news! Another 3 locales on the 3.0.x branch have just moved out of beta as of 3.0.9 release. This is a major milestone for these locales, their localizers, and, of course, our users who now can enjoy the polish and top quality of the final releases in their native language.

  • Добре дошли, хора!
  • Planvenguts umans !
  • मनुष्यांचे स्वागत आहे!
  • (Welcome Humans!)

Many thanks to Ognyan (Bulgarian), Sandeep and Priti (Marathi) and Yannig (Occitan) for their continuous work on the quality of the localization and awareness of it among local users. The 3.0.9 release is a culmination of weeks and months of the efforts by these guys, both on the localization front (translation, productization, web parts, testing) and the promotional one (advertising the beta builds, getting feedback from beta users, increasing awareness of the browser etc.). Good job!

Thanks for all the bugs we fixed together. Looking forward to working with you again soon on next updates and versions of Firefox.

Published on 22.04.2009

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