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Changes to productization of Firefox in your locale for the 3.1 release

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As you probably know, minor releases of Firefox, denoted by the third digit in the version number (or fourth in case of 2.0 releases), are intended as security and stability updates. The idea here is that there shouldn’t be any significant changes to the user interface or browser behavior between, say, version 3.0.6 and 3.0.7. We don’t want to secretly surprise users who just installed a security update by introducing a new interface.

Changes to productization of Firefox are such interface changes. Replacing a news reader with a different one or adding a search engine plug-in are good examples. They should be only changed in major releases. For 3.0 there was a major review of default web services for every locale (there was a review bug for every locale), and we will probably do something similar in the future too (Firefox 4 anyone?).

For the 3.1 release, we’re going to mostly stick with choices made for 3.0, but it’s a good opportunity nevertheless to make changes to productization of Firefox in your locale, if you feel that users will benefit from them.

It’s also a good moment to check if there aren’t any outstanding changes that were supposed to happen earlier (e.g. for the 3.0 release), but for some reason didn’t happen. Today I worked with András Tímár from the Hungarian team and we were able to fix bug 478878, bringing 3 new search engine plug-ins to Hungarian Firefox. Thanks Andras for a quick turnaround!

If there are any similar web services related bugs or requests for your locale that went unnoticed in Bugzilla, please ping me in IRC (nick: stas) or leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to look into all of them in the near future.

Published on 23.02.2009

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