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7 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me

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Yay! Thanks Patrick. Now I’m one of the cool kids too! :) I know you’d all like to see this in Polish, but…

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Seven things:

  1. After doing a minor in literature and linguistics (mostly Polish) in high school, I took the university exams at Warsaw School of Economics, which I passed by 2% (I almost failed maths), just to finish the major in statistics and econometrics last year.
  2. Working for Mozilla is my first real job, although I did work on localization for Novell for some time in the past.
  3. I kinda like France :) I lived there for almost two years, first as a foreign exchange student, and then after finishing my studies.
  4. I don’t eat potatos, the nutritional foundation of the Polish cuisine. Makes things tricky.
  5. I become addicted to TV series very easily. Not just the ones that are aired currently. You know, I still watch ER season 1 from time to time.
  6. My last name (małolepszy) meant executioner in medieval Poland. And by the way, it’s pronounced similar to [mawolepsh].
  7. I’m a usability and user experience freak, especially when it comes to urban planning and micro- and macro-architecture. It must have something to do with me living and growing up in Warsaw, a city heavily experienced by history and rebuilt almost from scratch by the communist government after the war. I could dwell on this for hours, so I’ll better stop right now :)

And now, The Magnificent Seven (in no particular order):

  • Pascal, who brought me closer to Mozilla by taking me as an intern in Paris in summer 2007,
  • Gandalf, who is somewhere in the U.S. right now,
  • Marcoos, the guy responsible for Polish l10n of a browser used by ~44% of Polish Internet users,
  • Delphine, who recently started in Mozilla full-time (congrats!),
  • Carine, who should be in Poitiers right now,
  • Krst, who needs to start blogging more,
  • and last by not least, Seth, who has a cool blog (hey man, this is mine, come visit! :)

You have been tagged. You know the rules. Pick up the baton and good luck!

Published on 12.01.2009

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