Staś Małolepszy meeting in Cracow

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It’s almost a tradition now: every 6 months the Polish localization team gathers in Cracow for a great weekend of talks and fun. There were almost 15 people attending (+3 online from Canada, US and Spain). I was lucky to be able to make it to Poland, so I had yet another occasion to visit beautiful Cracow and experience its never-ending night life. And, of course, I loved it. meetings have always been a perfect combination of work (organization, planning, status updates, learning) and fun (Wii, bowling, pubs). We’re set for the new elections of our “steering committee”, we’re planning to organize a series of localization sprints on MDC (first one coming this Saturday!) and we did a lot of thinking on how to improve the transparency of our team and the process of finding new localizers. I hope to be able to share some positive results soon! :) For now, for more background in Polish, see posts by Hubert and Rafał.

A big ‘thank you’ goes to Hubert for all the hard work with organizing the meeting and to Mozilla Europe for making it possible!

Coming back to France was even more fun. I had my plane back to France scheduled for Monday morning but due to the poor weather conditions (seriously, I don’t recall seeing a fog like that ever before), all flights were seriously delayed, and some even got canceled. In a unexpected stroke of luck, my plane was one of the very few that morning that did take off.

And so I’m back in France, eating crusty baguettes every morning and practicing the French “r” (at which I suck). Destination for next week: Paris & Barcelona!

Published on 15.10.2008

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